This is the page for formal user rights nominations changes. 

What are the different user rights groups?Edit


Administrators are trusted, promoted users who can delete pages, block users, delete pages and comments and threads.


Rollbacks are users who have the ability to use a [rollback] button to quickly revert edits. They also have permission to give users warnings.

Chat ModeratorsEdit

Chat Moderators and users who have permission to kick/ban a user from chat. 


Bureaucrats are users who have all the admin permissions, but can also promote/demote administrators, rollbacks and chat moderators.

Nomination RequirementsEdit

  • The nominated user must be at least 5 days old to the wiki, must have made at least 50 edits and must have no block records.

Nomination FormatEdit

I nominate Username for promotion to user group name. [enter reason here]. -Your username

Example NominationEdit

I nominate ExampleUsername for promotion to administrator. He is a really good editor and amazing. -Example2

  1. Support - Hes a really good :DD -Exampleperson
  2. Oppose - He is mean and evil. -ExampleOtherPerson

Promotion NominationsEdit

Demotion NominationsEdit