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These policies are only a test, and do not apply to this wiki.

The image policy is a brief overview of the policies regarding images—including file names, extensions, quality, and galleries—on the Walking Nature Test Wiki. Please make sure that an image abides by these rules before you upload it and add it to an article.

General Rules

File names

File names on all wikis hosted by Wikia are case sensitive. Spaces and some punctuation marks are allowed in file names. As such, file names should be descriptive and use spaces and punctuation as appropriate. Capital letters should only be used with proper names or acronyms such as "Cat Valentine", but not with common words such as "babysitting kids".

File name Notes
Samdoor.jpg Words are run together.
SamDoor.JPG The uppercase S helps mark the beginning of a new word, but is not as clear as it would be if there was a space in between the words. The .JPG suffix should also be in lower case (.jpg).
Sam door.jpg Easy to read, but does not describe what the picture is about.
SamstandingAttheDoor.jpg Harder to read, since it looks like "Samstanding" is a single word, along with "Atthe".
SamStandingAtTheDoor.jpg Separating words with spaces is preferable to marking them with uppercase letters.
Img043.jpg Does not describe what the picture is about.
Axsaswoei.jpg Does not describe what the picture is about.
Sam standing at the door.jpg A good and descriptive file name that is easy to read.
We aren't going, are we?.jpg Apostrophes, commas and question marks are supported and can be used as needed.



All images should have a summary using the {{Imagebox}}template. Parameters for the description and source should be filled out. If you do not know the source, fill in "Unknown" for that parameter.

| description       = 
| source            = 


  1. The image should be of the highest quality available. DVD and television screen captures are preferred with other formats being secondary. In the case of duplicate images, the highest quality image is kept.
  2. The infobox image should depict the character's most typical and recognizable likeness, unless consensus dictates otherwise.
  3. Extreme facial closeups should be avoided.
  4. Enhancing the colors levels, shading, brightness, contrast etc. should only be done so as to improve their overall quality.
  5. Screenshots should preferably be submitted in their original ratio (4:3 or 16:9), unless they could benefit from cropping.
    1. If an image contains empty space or elements other than the subject being depicted, the image should be cropped to isolate the subject with respect given to the guidelines concerning closeups.


Rules for Galleries

Gallery pages may be created for the following:

  • Episodes
  • Main characters
  • Main cast members
  • Major pairings between main characters or cast members.

The creation of any galleries not listed above requires an administrator's approval.

The standard format for the galleries is <gallery orientation="square" columns="5" spacing="small" widths="121" captionalign="left">.

Images in all galleries should be captioned if possible.

Episode Galleries

Episode galleries may contain cast images from the production of the episode, images from the episode itself, images posted on the official Sam & Cat website (TBA), or any other photos relevant to the episode posted by Dan Schneider or a cast member.

Character Galleries

Character galleries may contain images of scenes from episodes, photos posted on the official Sam & Cat website (TBA), or any other photos of that character posted by Dan Schneider or a cast member. They should not include images of a character along with other characters unless it is clear that the said character is the main focus of the image. For example, in a gallery for Sam Puckett, there should not be an image of Sam and Cat together.

Cast Galleries

Cast galleries may contain images of the cast during rehearsal for the show or just images they post away from the show in general.

Pairing Galleries

Pairing galleries must contain images of two characters together as the focal point of the picture. For example, there should not be a picture of Jennette, Ariana, and Victoria in the gallery for Ariana and Jennette.

Other Rules


Images of the characters and pairings from iCarly and Victorious are not allowed because the Walking Nature Test Wiki is an encyclopedia for Template:TOnly only.